Commercial Van Insurance

Aidan Murphy Insurances Ltd. offers the best priced and most competitive commercial van insurance in Ireland.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Commercial motor quotations available for 17 + Open or named driving option for all drivers aged between 24 years and 70 years (inclusive).
  • Corporate and individual proposers with either
    full or provisional licence.
  • Quotes available for vehicles up to 7 tonnes.
  • 60% No Claim Discount after 5 years claim free driving.
  • 2-year No Claim Bonus Step-Back (as standard).
  • Optional Protected No Claim Discount.
  • Introductory and Mirrored No Claim Discounts up to 60%.
  • Driving Other Commercial Vehicles.
  • Detached Trailer Cover Options.
  • All Policies qualify for windscreen damage without limit or application of policy excess.
  • Temporary substitution of a motor car for an insured commercial vehicle (as standard).

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